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30 Jan 2017

Management of a mature Beech

This is a mature Beech we carried out target pruning last year, the management of this tree require us to install cobra bracing to help support a large limb that is growing towards to property and has the potential to fail if the tree is not maintained.

Cobra bracing is none invasive along with the weight reduction it will help stabilise the tree.

Also upon our return a branch we pruned could do with reducing a little further to keep a nice shape to the canopy (top right), this of course will be done at no extra cost.

Still though the tree seems to be responding to the pruning and callus are forming over the cuts we made.

More photos to come in the future of the installation of the bracing system.

mb1 mb2 mb

25 Jan 2017

Felling and Stump grinding

Afternoon job, our client wanted rid of all the Hawthorn and Plum trees along the boundary of there rear garden.

We was instructed to leave the Sycamore and Ash saplings as they wanted to retain these trees.

All trees felled and stumps removed the two remaining trees we formatively pruned for better future development.

fs fs1 fs3

25 Jan 2017

Misty morning

A misty start to the day, this morning we undertook a job tidying up this dense Oak tree.

The tree had been heavily pruned in the past and as a result vigorous regrowth had made the tree very claustrophobic and messy.

The client wanted a clean canvas for future growth so we carried out some structural pruning for future development.

mm mm3 mm4