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09 Feb 2017

Is the customer always right??

As the old saying goes “the customer is always right”

As much as we recommend not to approach the job the way we was instructed, unfortunately our client insisted.

We would have preferred for a nice all round 3m reduction to help stabilise the tree.

In this case the client was so worried that half the tree may fail and in spite of our best efforts made the decision to remove the left hand side of this tree.

We have agreed that in the future we will be back to reduce the remainder of the canopy.

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09 Nov 2016

Cyclical pruning undertaken on two Plane trees (Platanus × hispanica)

After the initial heading cuts are made on certain species of tree, this particular pruning technique is normally carried out on a regular cycle of 4-5 years, leaving a clean framework for future growth until the process is again repeated.

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