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01 Dec 2016

Holly tree, fell and grind

Semi mature variegated holly (ilex aquifolium) fell and grind to make way for a new driveway.

The tree had caused significant damage to the retaining wall and the client felt that the tree was best removed as future planning for a new drive was underway.

holly  holly-1  stump-2

15 Nov 2016

Laylandii cypress dismantle in Bovingdon, Hertfordshire

Job in Bovingdon today – Laylandii cypress dismantle in a tricky and tight spot! Rigging techniques incorporated to ensure the three tree’s were safely removed with no damage to either properties.Another tight job successfully undertaken and complete!

bov  bov-5  bov-2  bov-3  bov-4  bov-1

09 Nov 2016

Cyclical pruning undertaken on two Plane trees (Platanus × hispanica)

After the initial heading cuts are made on certain species of tree, this particular pruning technique is normally carried out on a regular cycle of 4-5 years, leaving a clean framework for future growth until the process is again repeated.

1  11  111


05 Sep 2016

Crack willows 50% reductions

This is a job we undertook during the summer, only just found the photos and thought it would be good to share.

We were instructed by one of our housing contractors to carry out tree works at one of their sites as suggested in a recent tree report.

The trees we worked on are Crack willows (Salix fragilis) and are notorious for falling in high winds. Due to the high targets in the vicinity it was deemed safe to reduce the trees by 50% in order to stabilise them.

Looks harsh but they will continue to grow vigorously.

willow  willow-1  willow-2